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Inside PlayGround creates its unique presence among other playgrounds by permitting the children to
engage themselves in activities from morning to evening, seven days a week. This competence is provided for an affordable flat fee rather than subscribing a 1-hour weekly class that sometimes enforces restrictive regiment. All activities and equipment are kid-proof, and adhere to the strictest safety codes. The main aim of Inside PlayGround is to create a welcoming environment that will give each family the flexibility and comfort they need to learn and play within their own schedules at our four season’s indoor environment.

Being a mother of a four-year old child, I personally know how hard it is to find play areas with the ever changing weather in New England. Inside playground is a spacious area for the children to enjoy physical activities (inflated structures, slides, swings, play-cars, ball-pools, etc.) as well as sit-down games (books, puzzles, miniature furniture, dolls, computers, etc.).

My professional background includes 10 years experience as a pre-school teacher and summer camp coordinator,  I live in and own a house in Watertown.

The goal of Inside PlayGround is a combination of recreation and education, while promoting family connection and inter-family relationships.




Bella Gelman

Bella's professional background includes a degree in marketing and business management. Bella is also a licensed real estate agent in the Greater Boston area. She is a mother to two boys and a girl, ages 9, 7, and 5. She currently lives in Watertown.