Indoor Outdoor Playground Testimonials  

"I love the inside playground! this is the only place i let my husband take the kids by himself and don't have to worry about them gettng hert or lost.."  
Laura K.

"This indoor playground is a life saver! with my 2 years old twins, it is too hard to go to an outside playground (they always run in 2 different directions..) at the inside playground they can run in 2 different directions.. the people at the front desk keep the gate closed to keep my kids safe!
Mia B.

"Inside Playground - i can't thank you enough for opening such a wonderful place! Finally, an indoor playground that is open all day, every day. we love the fact that our Inside Playground membership gives us free access to all events, shows and activities. My children loved the 4th of July pony rides and character parade. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... "  Sarah G.

"When we first arrived the parking at 10am the parking lot was PACKED, so I feared that it would be too crowded inside. I was quickly relived when we opened the door and found a HUGE warehouse space filled with toys and kids running around but still plenty of space for everyone. The name of the place describes exactly what it is, a huge inside playground"
Bill M.

"My fist impression was how clean the place was. You have to take your shoes off and walk around in socks, my wife was wearing white socks that were still white when we left, very impressive for the amount of traffic inside"
Bill M.

"This place is better than Chuck E. Cheese or Bonkers because you simply pay entrance & then your kid pretty much entertains themselves with all of the activities".  E.P
I love that it is so spacious! Perfect for toddlers to release all of that energy. This is a perfect place for you to bring your child during the Winter, or ugly/rainy/cold days in general.
Su. M

Best indoor playground around Boston. Lots of space, clean, many options. My 14 month old couldn't get enough, the venue is sweeeet, it's the agora of playlands in Bostonia.
Tom K.

"What a great place! This is by far the best indoor playground in the Boston area! It is super clean (a must for my family)! I love bringing my kids here! They always have a great time and have made great friends with some of the other kids!"
Kim W.

"Ah, a place to go when the weather outside is frightful! This place is perfect for the toddler and preschool set, and even keeps the attention of a 5 and 6 year old. The bouncy train tunnel is addictive. The birthday room is perfect for parties... Why didn't I think of this?!"  

"The two 4-year old boys I had with me said it was "the best place ever" and they wanted to stay there forever!"
Marie Y.

"This place is the bomb. If you have ever tried to entertain a toddler inside a small house in Boston you know how impossible it is to do day after day of rainy/snowy weather. Toddlers need to move and they need new experiences all the time! This place is a huge indoor playground where kids can run around all day and never run out of things to do"
Suzanne S.

"You pay $10 and you can stay all day. You can even leave and come back for free on that same day"
Brian D.

"There is usually a small crowd of kids but it is not crazy and chaotic like the children's museum playroom. Seriously, this place is worth the drive even if you live far away. It is good for babies, toddlers and kids under the age of 10".
Kate S.